Caroline Donald

Caroline Donald
Temple Guiting
Jinny Blom's gardens at Temple Guiting, a 15th-century manor in Gloucestershire, England, won her a Pinnacle Award, with dry-stone walls that divide the 14-acre site into 18 "rooms," each with a distinct style and story to tell. Read More »
Jinny Blom hilltop
In this garden, just 40 minutes from London, Jinny Blom converted a neglected hilltop farm into a garden of exquisitely designed rooms with an astonishing grand finale, overlooking a wide valley in the high chalklands. Read More »
Jinny Blom
A human touch inhabits the sweeping gestures of the British landscape designer Jinny Blom:


"Take risks. If someone tells you something is impossible, see if you can do it. Gardening is a knife edge between disaster and serendipity."

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Serpentine Gallery
Each year, London's Serpentine Gallery has a temporary pavilion designed by a well-known architect. This year's version is by Pritzker prize winner Peter Zumthor, with a garden by Piet Oudolf—the first time horticulture has joined architecture in the 11 years of the pavilion's history.  Read More »
Villa Augustus
A six-story, 19th-century water tower is transformed into a funky 37-room hotel surrounded by four acres of amazing gardens in the Netherlands.  Read More »
Asthall Manor, roses
Isabel and Julian Bannerman rose to the top of Britain's garden world by recreating the romance of the classic English garden. Now they are poised for a second act.  Read More »
Wychwood Manor
Photographs of some of English designers Isabel and Julian Bannerman's gardens, including their own home Hanham Court, Asthall Manor (childhood home of the Mitford sisters), and Wychwood Manor. Read More »
Known for designing elaborate gardens, Arne Maynard takes a pared-down approach at Allt-y-bela, his rustic home in Wales. Read More »
Arne Maynard's home in Wales
Photographs of Allt-y-bela, Arne Maynard's home in Usk, south Wales. Maynard, one of the UK's top garden designers, has combined elements of romantic English-manor style with pared-down beauty that complements the site's rustic 15th-century farmhouse.   Read More »