Lise Funderburg

Lise Funderburg
nigel slater garden
What’s cooking? Nigel Slater’s new book, Ripe, follows the Brit from his home orchard to his kitchen table. Plus: His recipe for blackberry focaccia!


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Garden Design
Long overlooked, gravel is finally being recognized for its enduring beauty. Read More »
Our photo glossary of 14 types of lettuce (and other spring greens), including romaine, mache, and bibb.
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tomato plants
How to grow salad greens in a container garden. Read More »
Garden Design
There are many ways to see the rhododendron in its full splendor, including botanical gardens and specialty nurseries.  Here are five great gardens to see the flowers in bloom. Read More »
Garden Design - Pattern Fabric
Print-on-demand digital fabric is the newest frontier is custom fabrics and now design-your-own textiles are affordable and easy with Spoonflower's fabric can be created and bought by anyone in small or big lengths (the opposite of "to the trade"-only designs), making a bespoke DIY project easier than ever. Read More »
Garden Design - Custom of the Coast
Audrey Sterk paints murals of New England coastal scenes that take months to complete, but with digital printing technology, she can customize the work to match your decor. Her work is available in either wallpaper panels or moveable canvas versions. Read More »
Here are a few new products the designers we spoke to in “Natural Beauties,” are excited about. Read More »
Garden Design - Frog Book
Flower Frogs for Collectors is exactly what its name describes: a collection of photos of flower frogs, for collectors. One collector—who has about a hundred—even uses a frog as a toothbrush holder. Read More »
Private Paradise 1
Our book review of Private Paradise: Contemporary American Gardens (Monacelli). This new book featuring 41 residences from around the country and is by Charlotte M. Frieze, the longtime garden editor for the now-defunct House & Garden magazine. Read More »
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