The Editors

The Editors
Garden Design - Skin Cream 01
We ask gardeners for their favorite hand creams. Here are 10 of their favorites, from inexpensive farm staple Bag Balm to fancy French imported creams. Read More »
Garden Design
In this week's update about the James Beard garden renovation, we take a look at the major pruning of the birch tree in the garden and the important points to consider when working with an arborist. Read More »
installing plant cam
This week, we have three cool time-lapse videos of the renovation of the James Beard garden in progress, filmed with PlantCam cameras. Read More »
A slide show of photographs of the second part of New York's High Line, an elevated garden built on an abandoned railroad track, with gardens designed by Piet Oudolf and landscape architecture by James Corner. The second part of the High Line opened June 8, 2011, bringing the completed garden to a mile long, with a third part to open in the future. Read More »
True refrigerator
In this week's post about the James Beard Garden renovation, we show the new refrigerators given by True Professional Series that have been installed in the garden, which will be used by the staff of the James Beard Foundation garden to store ingredients for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres outside. Read More »
succulent garden
A weed-covered lot in Southern California, owned by Caltrans, is completely redone by a couple who live adjacent to the garden, complete with native varieties, a citrus grove, and hundreds of new plants, creating a Mediterranean idyll. Read More »
ferns and waterfall
In Charlotte, North Carolina, a self-taught gardener (who watched a lot of gardening shows on television!) turned a hilly, "unbuildable" property into a dreamy woodland landscape, complete with waterfalls and several ponds. Read More »
james beard garden party
Party pictures from our unveiling of the James Beard Foundation House's garden renovation! Read More »
My Garden Petaluma CA winter
The story and photographs of one reader's winter garden in Petaluma, California. Read More »
Beloua chair
With backyards in mind, furniture designers throw us some curves.  Read More »
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