The Editors

The Editors
new zealand raised beds
A compact garden of raised beds near the beach in New Zealand produces "six packs" of vegetables all year round for this couple, a pair of fine art photographers. Read More »
In Natick, Massachusetts, seventeen miles west of Boston, Joyce Ahlgren Hannaford has created a garden that is a neighborhood landmark. She shares photos of her garden with us, along with the very personal associations her garden has for her, with plants and landscaping features that serve as memories of her friends, family, and past homes. Read More »
Chicago garden
A reader replaces a lawn with an edible front yard and plants her backyard with fragrant herbs that she and her husband use to make their own tea. Read More »
vegetable garden view 2
In suburban New York, a reader grows tiers of organic vegetables that connect to a Craftsman-style house via a bridge. Read More »
bee house
If you're interested in how to encourage native bee species to your backyard, here's our list of 4 native bees that are good for your garden and 3 stylish bee houses to help encourage orchard mason bees to visit and pollinate your plants. Read More »
Four great salad dressings from SAVEUR to use on your home-grown salad greens. Read More »
caspian tern
Sharon Beals photographed fifty birds' nests in vivid detail, giving us a glimpse into a beautiful and architectual world. Plus: Accompanying illustrations of the nests' avian makers. Read More »
yellow chair
Your chairs outside should have the same flair as your style indoors—here are four of our favorites, including an affordable option from Ikea and the high-end Luxembourg Chair (just like the ones in Paris's Luxembourg Gardens!) in a riot of colors. Read More »
James Beard Garden intro

GARDEN DESIGN is currently working on a renovation of the James Beard Foundation's garden, a small garden in the back of a West Village brownstone, in New York City. Over the next few weeks, we'll be showing how the garden evolves over the course of its renovation and we'll be discussing some imporant points to consider...

Read More »
Garden Design - glasses to raise 1
11 of our favorite cocktail glasses for your botanical cocktail, plus our suggestions for all the bar accessories needed to muddle your herbs into tasty drinks. Read More »
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