Show Us Your Gardens!

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Show Us Your Gardens!

January 3, 2011
Photo by: Alexandra Abuza

At GARDEN DESIGN, we love to see our readers' gardens! We're showcasing your gardens here on and in our magazine, GARDEN DESIGN, in our My Garden feature. (Check out our published My Gardens!) 

If you're interested in submitting your garden to be featured on the site, you can email our website editor, Claire Lui, at with a link to photos of your garden on a photo sharing site (such as Flickr or Snapfish), on your own website, or as low-resolution attachments to your email.

And be sure to tell us a little bit about your garden in the body of your email. We've included some questions below to help you get started.

1. Where is your garden?
2. What is the size of your garden?
3. When were these photos taken (month, year)?
4. Are you the owner of the garden? Do you live with anyone else (spouse, roommates, children, etc.)? What is your occupation? Would you be okay with us including your name(s) and occupations in the slide show?
5. How would you describe the style of your garden?
6. Does it have any unusual qualities, such as green gardening techniques, rare plants, or a unique location?
7. Did you work with a landscape architect?

8. How long have you had this garden? How long did it take to get it to its current state?
9. How would you describe this color palette? How did you decide on this color palette?

10. Any particular challenges with this space? How did you address them?
11. What was most important to you when you started planning your garden? Did you have a sort of philosophy or mission statement in mind when planning it? Did you want to have an emphasis on flowers, vegetables, greenery, etc.?
12. Can you tell us the names of some of the plants you used in your garden?
13. How do you think this garden reflects you and your family?
14. The masterpiece is finished! Now how are you going to change it next year?

15. Do you have any other information you would like to share?

We're looking forward to hearing from you and showcasing your garden!