Lindsey Taylor

Lindsey Taylor
terrarium close-up
Lindsey Taylor, our Style Director, writes about her experience designing the Ladyslipper Terrarium, part of her Wardian Case Collection of terrariums. Read More »
LongHouse Planters 2011 Grand Prize
See the winners of the annual Planters:ON&OFF the Ground competition, held annually the LongHouse Reserve, in East Hampton, New York.  Read More »
joshua vogel
A look at the art and the workshop of Joshua Vogel, a co-founder of BDDW. Shown here at his studio in the Hudson Valley, New York, Vogel produces wooden beautiful furniture, accessories, and sculptures, under the company name of Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading, Co. Read More »
Bignonia capreolata Tangerine Beauty
Our Style Director shares with us her new favorite mail-order nursery for vines. Read More »
Peter Fehlbaum Patio 01
The patio in the Barcelona apartment of economist Peter Fehlbaum mixes modernist touches with a healthy dose of quirk. We show you how to get a similar look for your home and garden.  Read More »
Garrett Eckbo
Inspired by Garrett Eckbo, an iconic midcentury landscape architect who broke down the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living, we show you how to get this look for your home with modern furnishings. Read More »
vertical planter 2
There's a modern way to become upwardly mobile: Two new planters for plants that want to reach for the sky.  Read More »
Garden Party
Photographer Slim Aarons once said he shot “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places,” which — as with this 1970 Palm Springs, California, party — often included gardens. Read More »
Purple Bell
The Rhodochiton atrosanguineum, or Purple Bell vine, a native of southwestern Mexico, is hardy to zone 9 and offers much to covet. It's also easy to start from seed indoors in cooler climates. Read More »
Garden Design - Jim Martinez
Jim Martinez has been creating water-wise, environmentally friendly gardens in Dallas and Marfa, Texas for more than 30 years. He picks seven of his favorite plants to grow in desert regions, including Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Read More »
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