Claire Lui

Claire Lui
La Noria
Take a virtual visit to Le Jardin de la Noria, which was featured on the cover of our September / October 2011 issue. Located in the south of France, and designed by Arnaud Maurières and Eric Ossart, this garden features many pieces of sculpture in an elegant landscape design. Read More »
D. Landreth Catalog
A ShelterPop interview with our Editor-in-Chief, D. Landreth Seed Company is struggling and may go out of business if money is not raised, Frances Palmer's pottery is on sale, and more, in today's links we love. Read More »
flowerschool11.jpg Ariella Chezar
Our online editor attends a class taught by florist Ariella Chezar and share some of Chezar's tips for creating a natural, full but loose centerpiece. Chezar favors a more relaxed style of arranging that is inspired by the way plants grow in the garden and is a move away from the tightly bundled style of flower arranging. Read More »
Lots of home design blog news, how Sissinghurst is still the go-to garden for American gardeners, and a cool landscape design blog that we love! Read More »
promenade plantee-5
We visit the original High Line—Paris's Promenade plantée—and report on how the first garden-built-on-an-abandoned-railway compares to New York's elevated garden.  Read More »
glass house outside
If you were inspired by Paul Keyes' post yesterday, consider signing up for one of their new tours that focuses on the landscape and the gardens around the Glass House. Read More »
Hudson Valley passive house
A soundtrack for Central Park on your iPhone, San Francisco's new Aldea Home Store, a house that runs on $400 of electricity per year (above), and how to plant garlic in containers! Read More »
marche aux fleurs
My snapshots from Paris! A peek at the flower market, various florists and their bouquets, the flea market, and more! Read More »
new style magazines 2011
Is "authenticity" over, as The New York Times says, or are we just all sick of the oh-so-sweet and lovely rustic style? My rant about how we've become beaten down by charm. Plus: I take a look at some of the new magazines and websites that have crossed our desks—including Wilder Quarterly and Co.Exist—and ponder what's next for design,... Read More »
Glass Shed -Linda Bergroth
An architectually elegant garden shed/greenhouse (above); Urbanized, by Gary Hustwit (whose earlier films include Helvetica and Objectified), opens this weekend; a Google Earth view of well-known gardens, including the High Line, Kensington Gardens, and Koganei Park; and answers to all the mushroom questions you wanted... Read More »
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