Claire Lui

Claire Lui
An interivew with the new head gardener at Giverny (left), hunting for ferns with Oliver Sacks, and a new gardening magazine in today's Links We Love! Read More »
Alexander McQueen
Lines are out the door for the last few days of the Metropolitan Museum's Alexander McQueen show, "Savage Beauty." The natural world was a big inspiration for McQueen's work and we take a look at a few designs from the late, great designer that were directly influenced by flora and fauna. Read More »
Barbie Dream House
Turning an old grill into a planter; Barbie's dream house, now with green roofs (right); Tom Colicchio's secret rooftop farm; a new giant fungus; how to can; thieves at community gardens; and more! All in today's Links We Love. Read More »
All GARDEN DESIGN all the time! Do you 'like' us on Facebook? Do you get our (free) newsletter? What about Twitter? What about... Read More »
pineapple plant interior
Many of the Philippine's traditional outfits are made from piña, a fabric woven from pineappple leaves. We take a look at the dual influence of Spain and the Philippines on this unusual fabric, starting with the very existence of the pineapple itself. Read More »
La Louve
Check out these photographs of La Louve, the private garden of Nicole de Vésian in Bonnieux, Provence, France. This influential garden has multiple terraces filled with elegant topiary and sculpted trees. Read More »
La Louve (The She-Wolf), Nicole de Vésian's house and garden in Provence is up for sale. This influential garden was designed by a former designer for Hermès—we take a look at how you can buy or visit this amazing garden.
Read More »
A new column takes a look at what's on sale on various internet flash sale sites—our curated picks of home and garden furnishings. Read More »
movie night
As we head into these early days of fall and hold on to the last days of summer, there's still time to do some outdoor entertaining. Here are some of our tips for hosting an alfresco movie night, including what types of movies to play and what projectors to use. Read More »
September 11 memorial
The 9/11 Memorial opens this Sunday to the public, on the tenth anniversary of the attacks. We take a look at the landscape architecture, designed by Peter Walker, in conjunction with the project's architect, Michael Arad. Read More »
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