Claire Lui

Claire Lui
tulip fields
The tulip fields of the Netherlands are currently bursting into bloom with fields of tulips, hyancinths, and other bulb flowers. Photographs of the country's flower fields in Bloembollenstreek, the bulb belt of the country, look like modern paintings of bright colors, made up of strips of thousands of colorful flowers. Read More »
My calendar says it's National Dandelion Day—if you're interested in celebrating this weed, rather than stomping it out, we have a list of recipes using these young greens. Read More »
lily bud
Links that have caught our eye recently include: Jay-Z's new lifestyle site, First Lady Michelle Obama to write a gardening book, a time-lapse film of a lily unfurling, and a profile of Judy Kameon. Read More »
wisteria tunnel 1
Photographs of some of the amazing wisteria tunnels in Japan. The wisteria festivals, or fuji matsurii, which come after the cherry blossom festivals, generally from mid-April to late May, have been an event for centuries, inpsiring poetry and woodcuts in Japanese culture.  Read More »
plants in bottle caps
Reuse your plastic bottle caps as planters—yep, it's the crazy plant trend of the day. Read More »
Luxembourg Chair
Why you need two chairs per person to recreate the true Jardin du Luxembourg feeling. Read More »
william and kate
This is the post where we shamelessly give in to our interest in the upcoming royal wedding. We take a look at the wedding bouquets of Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, and speculate about what Kate Middleton might carry when she walks down the aisle April 29. if you're interested in all things... Read More »
finished easter eggs
Using herbs and plants as stencils, you can dye Easter eggs with beautiful botanical patterns. Here's our step-by-step guide. Read More »
Atomic Gardens
This week, we link to a bit of absolutely fascinating forgotten history: atomic gardens, which were an attempt to find peaceful uses for atomic energy after WWII by radiating seeds and plants to create new mutations. Plus: A timeline of British gardening and preserving the view... Read More »
The bouquet! The trees in Westminster Abbey! The bridesmaids' wreaths! (Oh, and did we mention that we did a DIY last week on almost exactly the same lily-of-the-valley wreaths? We wonder if the British Royal Family is reading—welcome ma'am!) Read More »
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