Claire Lui

Claire Lui
Garden Design - jekyll vases
A re-release of the influential British gardener's line of vases. Read More »
Garden Design - Leanne Shapton leaf painting
A roundup of tree news, including an iPhone app, great guides, and albino trees. Read More »
Garden Design - Japanese Apricot
In New York, cherry trees were blooming last week. Any flowers in your town or just snow? Read More »
Garden Design - Domes
We pay a visit to the Mitchell Park Domes, the iconic greenhouses of Milwaukee. Read More »
Garden Design
For three days during the gray month of November, Parisians were surprised with pop-up bubbles—greenhouses filled with hanging plants, seemingly appearing about of nowhere. Actually, these bubbles were the project of the Flower Council of Holland, and were designed by French designer Amaury Gallon, who is well known for his vertical gardens. Named... Read More »
hanging orchid
Plants, unplugged, might be the best way to describe the stunning suspended plant-artworks developed by one Fedor van der Valk, who makes these beautiful hanging plants in Amsterdam, under the name String Gardens. Uprooting flowers and trees from their regular terrestrial spots not only showcases the roots, so rarely seen by humans, but elevates... Read More »
yellow magnolia
We lust over the many magnolias in the Rare Find Nursery catalog. Read More »
The 15th Annual Plant-O-Rama will be on Tuesday, January 25, at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Read More »
cat table planter
Grass seems to sprout magically from the middle of this table, thanks to a removable planter and an unusual construction. Read More »
Rifle Paper Custom Poster
Are you thinking about what to get your Valentine this year? We are loving these super-sweet custom Valentine's Day posters from Anna Bond at Rifle Paper Co. Read More »
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