Claire Lui

Claire Lui
Abandoned Christmas trees as art, a CSA of plants to use as dyes, and our style director's terrarium is chosen as Best Home Accessory by Wallpaper* magazine, in today's link roundup. Read More »
treehotel mirrored cube
Sweden's Treehotel has a number of different tree houses to rent by the night and one of the coolest is the Mirror Cube, which disappears into its surroundings. A prefab version of it is now available for sale, complete with installation. Read More »
kale seed packet
The Hudson Valley Seed Library is looking for artists to be featured on their Art Packs for the next season. Read More »
plantable seed faces
These miniature faces are actually stuffed with organic herb and vegetable seeds, which can be harvested off each face within five days. Read More »
Svalbard Seed Vault 1
Far up north in Arctic, like Superman's Fortress of Solitude, is Norway's ultimate seed bank. Built to withstand any disaster, the seed bank was designed to store seeds from around the world.  Read More »
Japan Sweet Peas
A look at the Japan Bloom Fair that was held earlier this month in New York, showcasing the wide range of cut flowers available for export from Japan to the United States, including new varieties for 2012. Read More »
Kat Flower arrangement at the Brooklyn Flea
Florist-to-the-hipsters Kathleen Hyppolite of Kat Flower displays her gorgeous arrangements at the Brooklyn Flea, a flea market in Brooklyn, NY. In our slideshow, she shares some great tips about how to condition flowers before arranging and how to load your containers with textures and pops of color. Read More »
Garden Design - Michelle Obama Food
We're so inspired by Michelle Obama's beautiful jars of pickled vegetables and bags of chamomile tea, all made from plants grown in her White House garden! Read More »
Garden Design - Fabric Flowers
Whether you buy them or make them, fabric flowers are a must-have accessory for the dark days of winter. Read More »
Garden Design - The Seed Cathedral
The Seed Cathedral at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai served as a magnificent showcase for the Millennium Seed Bank. Read More »
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