Claire Lui

Claire Lui
A free talk on aquaponics tonight, Valentine's Day, in New York with Philson Warner (above), future workshops, and the plan to turn a mall in Cleveland, Ohio into a hydroponic farm.  Read More »
Garden Design
Crazy bonsai architecture, an Arctic flower blooms again (after 32,000 years), a new record for a snowdrop bulb (more than $1,145!), and NPR's interview about the Iraqi Seed Project. Read More »
string gardens tout
Images of Dutch artist Fedor Van der Valk's string gardens, featuring plants in bloom from throughout the year. Read More »
Phalaenopsis / Showy Medinilla
Photographs of this year's New York Botanical Garden orchid show, created by famous French vertical garden designer Patrick Blanc. Amazing colors in the middle of the dreary winter! Read More »
zara store
Thierry Boutemy creates huge cherry tree branch arches for the front of New York City's Zara flagship (above), Cornell's corpse plant gets a live cam, a pollination video, how to grow carrots, and an entire episode of The Story is dedicated to botanical news. Read More »
Garden Design
Every now and then, we'll be linking to things that we covet. Today's pick is Polka Polka cushion, designed by Abigail Borg, a young Brit, whose retro floral prints manage to have a modern edge with sharp color palettes and delicate botanical detail. Read More »
BBG green roof
An early look at the new 10,000 square-foot-living roof on top of the new Brooklyn Botanic Garden visitor center, due to open on May 16, 2012. Plus: Photos of magnolias—in yellow and pinks—in bloom at the garden! Read More »
Easter peat basket
Here's our roundup of all things Easter related. Read More »
cutting branches
It's easy to fool Mother Nature in these early days of spring—we teach you how to trick the branches of flowering trees and shrubs into blooming early in just four easy steps. Read More »
A Passion for Plants tout
Do you know about our digital Look Books? Check out Passion for Plants, if you haven't already. Read More »
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