Links We Love, 8/8/2011

Links We Love, 8/8/2011

August 8, 2011
Photo by: Ting Li and Maja Paklar

-How to turn an old Weber grill into a planter. [Life on the Balcony]

-Bunch of interesting New York Times articles:

      * Theft at community gardens! Apparently people can't resist freshly grown tomatoes.

      * The rise of hydroponic gardens. Dirt, schmirt. So last year. Just kidding, dirt. We love you.

      * Tom Colicchio's secret rooftop farm next to FDR drive. Amazing!

-Giant fungus discovered in China. [BBC]

-A profile of Charles Valin, a French breeder working in the U.K., creator of the first properly dwarf buddleia. [Telegraph]

-Barbie, the doll, gets her dream house from the AIA, complete with solar panels and a green roof! [Fast Co.Design]

-Interesting article about a school gardening program in New Orleans. [The Atlantic]

-Margaret Roach's comprehensive post about canning. [A Way to Garden]

-Iced ginger hibiscus tea recipe. [Saveur]