September/October 2011

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Serpentine Gallery
Each year, London's Serpentine Gallery has a temporary pavilion designed by a well-known architect. This year's version is by Pritzker prize winner Peter Zumthor, with a garden by Piet Oudolf—the first time horticulture has joined architecture in the 11 years of the pavilion's history. Read More »
Native (and extremely local) plants create stunning wildflower fields in 30 acres in rural Pennsylvania.Read More »
posh pong
This posh ping pong table is made of concrete and as a bonus, it doubles as an outdoor dining table!Read More »
What happens when interior decorators let loose their considerable talents on the natural world? Check out the photographs from "Landscape Pleasures," an event held at the Parish Art Museum, in Southhampton, New York, this year, which showcased the gardens of celebrated interior designers.Read More »
Garrison New York My Garden 4
A garden in Garrison, New York ended up converting a bookkeeper into a passionate gardener.Read More »
LongHouse Planters 2011 Grand Prize
See the winners of the annual Planters:ON&OFF the Ground competition, held annually the LongHouse Reserve, in East Hampton, New York. Read More »
Garden Design
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The ancient design of outdoor ovens fires a passion for fresh-baked pizza—here's everything you need to know about installing a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen. Add one to your garden and you'll never get delivery again. "I think of pizza as just a starting point now," says one pizza oven owner—...Read More »
pizza oven small
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There's science behind an outdoor pizza oven. Here's what to look for when you're shopping for a pizza oven.Read More »
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