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Slice of Heaven

If you love pizza, there's one luxury that many people dream of: your own outdoor pizza oven. They're not just for pie lovers though—outdoor ovens are incredibly versatile cooking tools that can be used to make bread with spectacularly crunchy crusts, perfectly roasted cuts of meat, delicious smoky vegetables, and much more.

A typical oven consists of a base, often made of brick or metal, which elevates the oven to a working height of about 4 feet. You can face the base with any type of decorative element, to match your garden. And if you have patio space to spare, you may wish to install a marble work surface on one or both sides of the oven for stretching dough and assembling pizzas.

For more about incoporating a pizza oven into your garden, read "Slice of Heaven" and "Ring of Fire," which explains the science behind the ovens, as well as a shopping guide to outdoor ovens. 

Garden Design
July 2012