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Movie Night

Ever since 1933, when Richard M. Hollingshead, an auto part salesman in New Jersey, created the first drive-in by hanging a sheet from the trees and projected a movie onto it, the lure of watching flicks outside has called to cinephiles everywhere.

You don't need a lot of fancy equipment for an outdoor movie night, but you do need three basics: a projector, a video source (such as a laptop or DVD player), a screen (a sheet or a blank wall is fine), and a sound system (often built into the projector). 

The rest is up to you—some hosts prefer screening crowd-pleasing blockbuster hits, like Raiders of the Lost Ark, while others prefer more obscure screen gems, such as hard-to-find documentaries or foreign films. (One idea that might satisfy both crowds is 1988's Cinema Paradiso, where a pivotal scene shows everyone in the small Italian town gathering to watch an outdoor movie.)

Garden Design
July 2012