May/June 2011

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miller thyme cocktail
Four great cocktail recipes using fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden to try.Read More »
Juliet and Miranda David Austin roses
The British rose breeder David Austin has been breeding old-rose plants since 1961. These gorgeous and profusely petaled flowers had fallen out of fashion as cut flowers because of their short vase life, but in 2004, David Austin introduced eight varieties of old-fashioned roses that will last as...Read More »
As more people expand their sense of home to include the great outdoors, deck designs reach breathtaking heightsRead More »
Garden Design - Wallpaper06
Not just reserved for your grandmother’s dusty pink living room, floral patterns are an excellent way to express your admiration for blooms. Best of all, when the frigid winter air has you wishing it was June, you can gaze upon your walls adorned with floral wallpaper and remember the...Read More »
Garden Design - ModernGarden01
By Ted Loos 0
The Miller House, designed by Eero Saarinen, has a landmark Modernist garden designed by Dan Kiley. This month, May 2011, the house and garden are opening to the public for tours for the first time in 50 years, allowing visitors to walk through this triumph of mid-century Modern design.Read More »
Garden Design - ModernGarden01
By Ted Loos 0
Half a century after its creation, Dan Kiley's landmark Modernist garden in Indiana goes public Read More »
The artful pruning known as topiary has captured imaginations for centuriesRead More »
A house and garden grow together, with some strategic planning by their ownerRead More »
wall fresco
A new book by interior designer Florence De Dampierre, Walls: The Best of Decorative Treatments ($60, Rizzoli), chronicles our impulse to decorate with frescoes, paneling, tapestry, or wallpaper, often devoted to flora.Read More »
Here are a few new products the designers we spoke to in “Natural Beauties,” are excited about.Read More »
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