May/June 2011

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Between now and the end of september, outdoor antiques shows come so fast and furious that gardeners might feel, well, like veteran collector John Derian. “At shows I race around and view the whole thing, looking for larger pieces first,” says Derian, who stocks his eponymous Manhattan store with...Read More »
grill summer
Fourth of July kicks of grilling season and we highlight four of the best new grills.Read More »
garden guardians
Who is going to look after your garden while you are on vacation? Our tips for how to keep your garden in capable hands, while you're away.Read More »
Garden Design - Boxwood Cube
Designer Sean Knibb was using outdoor fabric to cover hay bales, but he became sick of hauling hay bales around. Determined to find a lighter solution, he came up with the Boxwood Cube, named after the trimmed shape of the boxwood hedge, and covered in bright, weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric.Read More »
Four gardeners recommend their favorite trowels and tell us why they love it.Read More »
Garden Design - LIVING COLORS
We review Rebecca Burgess's new book Harvesting Color, a guide to making your own dyes from plants for yarn and fabrics.Read More »
Garden Design - Skin Cream 01
We ask gardeners for their favorite hand creams. Here are 10 of their favorites, from inexpensive farm staple Bag Balm to fancy French imported creams.Read More »
Dutch garden designer Jacqueline van der Kloet knows—and shows—how to mix it upRead More »
Garden Design - glasses to raise 1
11 of our favorite cocktail glasses for your botanical cocktail, plus our suggestions for all the bar accessories needed to muddle your herbs into tasty drinks.Read More »
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