May/June 2011

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grill summer
Fourth of July kicks of grilling season and we highlight four of the best new grills.Read More »
garden guardians
Who is going to look after your garden while you are on vacation? Our tips for how to keep your garden in capable hands, while you're away.Read More »
Garden Design - Boxwood Cube
Designer Sean Knibb was using outdoor fabric to cover hay bales, but he became sick of hauling hay bales around. Determined to find a lighter solution, he came up with the Boxwood Cube, named after the trimmed shape of the boxwood hedge, and covered in bright, weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric.Read More »
Four gardeners recommend their favorite trowels and tell us why they love it.Read More »
Garden Design - LIVING COLORS
We review Rebecca Burgess's new book Harvesting Color, a guide to making your own dyes from plants for yarn and fabrics.Read More »
Garden Design - Skin Cream 01
We ask gardeners for their favorite hand creams. Here are 10 of their favorites, from inexpensive farm staple Bag Balm to fancy French imported creams.Read More »
Garden Design - glasses to raise 1
11 of our favorite cocktail glasses for your botanical cocktail, plus our suggestions for all the bar accessories needed to muddle your herbs into tasty drinks.Read More »
miller thyme cocktail
Four great cocktail recipes using fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden to try.Read More »
'Rosalind' David Austin roses
Often referred to as "garden roses," David Austin Roses are as lovely to look at as they are to smell. This slide show showcases some of David Austin's stunning varieties of old-fashioned roses that were specially developed as cut flowers. Read More »
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