May 2012

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sarah price garden tout
Photos of English garden designer Sarah Price's gardens, including her 2007 RHS Chelsea Flower Show entry, "A City Garden," with detailed plant photos, as well as a sketch of Price's plans for her entry in this year's Chelsea Flower Show. Read More »
brothers bawa 02
A photographic tour of the beautiful gardens of two Sri Lankan brothers: architect Geoffrey Bawa's Lunuganga, an English-style folly, and Bevis Bawa's Brief Garden, an unusual series of jungle garden rooms. Read More »
marg helgenberger garden tout
Marg Helgenberger, longtime star of CSI, gives her classic Los Angeles garden a second life as a glamorous Mediterranean-style retreat with plenty of space and style for backyard entertaining.Read More »
Garden Design
When Marg Helgenberger, the longtime star of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, was shopping for a new home five ears ago, she found the perfect place in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood—but the gardens were overgrown and needed to be rethought. Architect Barbara Schnitzler, interior...Read More »
sarah price 01
English garden designer Sarah Price—who made a splash at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2007 and 2008—returns to the spotlight with a new garden for the 2012 Chelsea Flower Show. Our interview with this garden designer who brings a subtle artistry to her gardens and who says, "I love the ephemeral...Read More »
brothers bawa 06
In mid-20th-century Sri Lanka, two siblings—the Brothers Bawa—took their own inimitable paths to redefining the tropical garden. This is their story.Read More »
chanticleer 01
On the grounds of a former estate outside of Philadelphia, a cadre of master gardeners presides over an oasis of earthly delights. We've put together some ideas—paired with photos—from Chanticleer that any home gardener can use to design their own spaces. Read More »
Stacy Bass In The Garden
A review of Stacy Bass's new book, In the Garden, a portfolio of 18 luxurious Connecticut gardens. Read More »
vertical planter 2
There's a modern way to become upwardly mobile: Two new planters for plants that want to reach for the sky. Read More »
Purple Bell
The Rhodochiton atrosanguineum, or Purple Bell vine, a native of southwestern Mexico, is hardy to zone 9 and offers much to covet. It's also easy to start from seed indoors in cooler climates.Read More »
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