March 2012

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Garrett Eckbo
Inspired by Garrett Eckbo, an iconic midcentury landscape architect who broke down the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living, we show you how to get this look for your home with modern furnishings.Read More »
Hillside planted with Muhlenbergia dumosa
By Ted Loos 0
A steep and ramshackle plot of land is transformed into a peaceful retreat.Read More »
toronto shade garden 1
Garden writer Marjorie Harris shares with us her shade garden in Toronto, Canada, as well as a detailed list of plants that she uses in her garden. Read More »
hun chung lee tout
A South Korean artist uses ceramics and concrete, coated with layers of glaze, to create unusual stools, benches (above), and other pieces of luminous indoor/outdoor pieces that double as art and furniture. His work is on display in New York through the end of April.Read More »
Chairs Loll
Loll Designs, based in Duluth, Minnesota, uses 100% recycled materials to create its stylish outdoor furniture.Read More »
Janus et Cie's Flourish teapot
There’s nothing short or stout about Janus et Cie’s immaculate, whimsical decorative teapot. Inspired by the beauty and complexity of Japanese gardens, the ever-chic furniture design company dreamed up Flourish, a ceramic vessel draped in floral and foliate forms. The teapot rests under a...Read More »
Charles Luck stone
Charles Luck has seven stores that provide inspiration and expert know-how for architects, designers, and homeowners looking to incorporate stone into their designs, including gardens displaying different hardscaping elements, including gravel and flagstone planters.Read More »
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