March 2011

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Garden Design
How to grow rhododendrons in your garden. And remember, a rhododendron needs three things above all else: drainage, drainage, and drainage.Read More »
Summer bulbs, which go in when the soil warms in spring, can be the easiest and most satisfying way to give your garden a hit of exotic color and fragrance during the hottest months of the year. Now is the time for gardeners in most parts of the country to make plans for and order summer bulbs,...Read More »
Garden Design - GRD0311_NB2
Witch hazel extract is a natural astringent is said to be the most widely used botanical in the world—even more than aloe. Used in a variety of beauty and medical products, the extract is distilled from the twigs and branches of the witch hazel plant during the winter.Read More »
cutting branches
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It's easy to fool Mother Nature in these early days of spring—we teach you how to trick the branches of flowering trees and shrubs into blooming early in just four easy steps.Read More »
Garden Design - A Pattern We Love 2
Dorothy Draper & Company reissued a rhododendron pattern on a fabric originally designed as a wallpaper for the famous Greenbrier resort, which was decorated according to the theme "romance and rhododendrons."Read More »
bee house
If you're interested in how to encourage native bee species to your backyard, here's our list of 4 native bees that are good for your garden and 3 stylish bee houses to help encourage orchard mason bees to visit and pollinate your plants.Read More »
Given enough patience and back strength, anyone can install a basic garden path, says landscape designer Michael Donnellan of Summerhill Landscapes in Sag Harbor, N.Y. Learn more about walkway design on More »
Garden Design - Perfect Union 01
At a classic Beverly Hills home, the interior design inspired a surrounding garden. A collaboration between French interior designer Chahan Minassian and landscape designer Judy Kameon, this modern house is designed for the indoor-outdoor life.Read More »
brook klausing 4.jpg
Designer Brook Klausing of Brook Landscape talks about how to mix indoor and outdoor furniture and shows off four of his recent projects, including the garden of Jenna Lyons, creative director of J.Crew.Read More »
Garden Design - Fitting Tribute 01
By Ted Loos 0
True Life: Steven Harris Architects, from Princeton Architectual Press, is a retrospective that covers Steven Harris Architects' first twenty-five years. The firm has long made landscape design an integral part of its work, with its in-house landscape unit spun off four years ago as Rees Roberts +...Read More »
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