March 2011

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giant snowdrop1
Snowdrop fanatic David L. Culp—he has the second-largest collection in the country!—talks about this winter-blooming bulb, saying that "Anything that blooms against the odds has a place in my heart." Plus: His favorite plant pairings for the Giant Snowdrop.Read More »
Garden Design
This chic riff on the Radio Flyer mixes nostalgia with rugged modern materials: marine plywood on an aluminum frame won't mind a little rain, while the synthetic fiber basket stands up to anything you transport, from plants to tools to groceries.Read More »
Garden Design
Shopping with landscape designer Brook KlausingRead More »
Garden Design - String Lights
Landscape designer Brook Klausing's picks for great outdoor furniture.Read More »
Garden Design
In 2006, almost four centuries after their ancestors arrived in North America, honeybee colonies began to succumb to colony collapse disorder and collapse at a record rate. Human beings can do perfectly well without honey, but we can't exist without pollination. And without pollination by bees,...Read More »
Garden Design
Long overlooked, gravel is finally being recognized for its enduring beauty.Read More »
Witch Hazel
Witch hazel, which blooms in the middle of winter, is a natural remedy for the wintertime blues. With flowers that resemble delicate bits of yellow, copper, or red ribbon, witch hazel is not only a burst of color, but can also produce a delicious and powerful fragrance in the icy air. Plus: We list...Read More »
Jinny Blom
A human touch inhabits the sweeping gestures of the British landscape designer Jinny Blom:   "Take risks. If someone tells you something is impossible, see if you can do it. Gardening is a knife edge between disaster and serendipity."Read More »
Our photo glossary of 14 types of lettuce (and other spring greens), including romaine, mache, and bibb.Read More »
Garden Design
After decades of undeserved exile, the king of shrubs has returned to the throne. Everything you ever wanted to know about rhododendrons. Plus: Great rhododendrons of note.Read More »
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