June 2012

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David Austin England's Rose and Queen Anne
Although they won’t debut until September, we got an exclusive preview of two 2013 blooms from British hybridizer David Austin Roses. ‘England’s Rose’ (left) and ‘Queen Anne’ took their time to achieve perfection; David Austin began the hybridization process a decade ago.Read More »
Peckerwood tout front page
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See photos of Peckerwood, the famous John G. Fairey gardenRead More »
Reflection Pool
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John G. Fairey, a flora collector with a rare eye for design, transformed a Texas landscape into the famed garden Peckerwood. His vision for Peckerwood, which includes a light-dappled woodland, several shimmering dry gardens, and a parklike arboretum, developed not gradually but in a...Read More »
From sculptures to water to landscapes, when art and nature meet, interesting things start to happen. Read More »
flowering shrub encyclopedia
The new Timber Press Encyclopedia of Flowering Shrubs, by Jim Gardiner of England’s Royal Horticultural Society, is a compendium of 1,700 temperate-zone growers.Read More »
Garden Design
By Ken Druse 0
Superstar gardener Ken Druse tells us about why he decided to create his latest book, Natural Companions, with images by his friend Ellen Hoverkamp and her flatbed scanner: "Soon after Ellen and I finished our book, Hurricane Irene churned through the Northeast, followed the next month by tropical...Read More »
ken druse vines 2
By Ken Druse 0
Ken Druse puts together "recipes" for your garden—whether you are looking for a Midwest prairie, a collage of trailing vines, a woodland nook, or a night-blooming palette—showing what to plant for each theme. Each garden "recipe" is captured in these beautiful images by Ellen Hoverkamp. The images...Read More »
stan bitters tout
Eminent California sculptor Stan Bitters finds a new audience for his timeless ceramics and sculptures, which have graced California's Nut Tree restaurant and the Palm Springs Ace Hotel.Read More »
thumbpots stan bitters
Stan Bitters is a pioneer of the organic modernist craft movement in the 1960s. A look at some of his birdhouses, planters, and fountains that have decorated California gardens over the years.Read More »
Eat Play Lounge 06
See how seven designers created outdoor environments for everything from intimate dining nooks to kidcentric playscapes. Read More »
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