July/August 2012

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Moss Filler Honeycomb Panels
Though the old adage “look, but don’t touch” may hold true for more formal garden settings, you can throw it out the window during Quebec’s quirky International Garden Festival. Read More »
Up on the Roof - Alex MacLean
For his book, Up on the Roof: New York’s Hidden Skyline Spaces (Princeton Architectural Press), photographer Alex MacLean went up so that he could look downRead More »
Doug Johnston cultivated his quirky style by drawing from his experience as an architect and combining it with the technique of Japanese basket-making. Read More »
Austraflora Fanfare
Australian plants are like the ultimate self-sacrificing mother: They give and give (certain trees can reach 20 feet in just a few years and flower for six weeks or more) but ask so little in return. (Fertilizer? Rain? If you insist.) Their fantastical forms, however—including sculptural...Read More »
Roof Garden 01
When it comes to design—as long as your roof can bear the load of furniture, foot traffic, and plantings—the sky’s the limitRead More »
Nate Mendel 10
Four years ago, musician Nate Mendel bought a house in the Los Angeles hills surrounded by a scrappy lawn and a few big trees. Mendel felt certain it could be transformed into a welcoming home base. Read More »
Nate Mendel 05
How putting succulents in the pond and snapping up the local nursery’s ugliest trees yielded a pitch-perfect paradise.Read More »
Tony Duquette 01
The garden and home of the late Tony Duquette continue to flourish. Hutton Wilkinson leads us on a tour.Read More »
Tony Duquette 06
Take a photographic journey into the lush garden, and home of the late Tony Duquette.Read More »
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