July/August 2012

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Artist Nic Bladen keeps plants alive forever. Read More »
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn keeps growing (its gardens).Read More »
active seats thumb
Despite what the term implies, public spaces are often the most isolated spots of all. Two young designers—one from Korea and another from the Netherlands—are seeking to change this with interactive outdoor seating that encourages talking over texting.Read More »
Parvez Taj Rubik's Cube
Never could figure out the puzzle? Now you can just put your drink on it. Read More »
Beach House Dispenser
Happy Fourth of July! We love this drinks dispenser, which holds about two gallons of your favorite lemonade, iced tea, or water.Read More »
Scarlet and Violet
Vic Brotherson is one of London’s leading florists. The owner of Scarlet & Violet responds to our more bountiful times.Read More »
Bouroullec Brothers
Two brothers use nature as inspiration   Read More »
bird bath thumb2
Backyard flora and fauna will find themselves in highbrow homes this summer thanks to the latest pieces from Cumulus Studios.Read More »
Kurdish Farmer
A documentary film team chronicles efforts to regrow a garden paradise.Read More »
A new outdoor aesthetic emerges at the Milan Furniture Fair.Read More »
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