July/August 2011

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Garden Design - Swingers 01
In these super-hot days of summer, who doesn't want a hammock to lounge in? Here are three of our favorites.Read More »
By Greg Ferro 0
If you're putting in some outdoor speakers for your garden, it's more important to emphasize the quality of the speakers, rather than trying to disguise them in your garden. We take a look at some tricks for creating a sound system in your garden.Read More »
Garden Design - Croquet
Favorite summer games include croquet, badminton, and V:King. Are you buying any lawn games before the end of summer?Read More »
Grey Gardens
By Ted Loos 0
From the restored beauty of Grey Gardens to the minimalist designs of landscape designer Edwina von Gal, Hamptons Gardens showcases the best of the good life.Read More »
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