July/August 2011

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 Lilies 03
By Leah Eskin 0
It's the golden age for lilies, of the genus Lilium, with thousands of lily varieties. A short history of lily hybridization and why it's heating up now, more than ever.Read More »
Garden Design - Gilding Lilies 01
By Leah Eskin 0
A look at some of the new lily hybrids available for the bulb and cut flower market.Read More »
bocce 1
Bocce courts have become a common sight in private gardens—here's the scoop about how to incorporate one into your garden.Read More »
Beverly Hills Garden 7
A slide show of a Beverly Hills garden makeover, designed by Judy Kameon.Read More »
Open Invitation
Judy Kameon transforms a Beverly Hills midcentury modern glass-and-concrete house's garden into an elegant and comfortable space.Read More »
Garden Design - The Outside Edge
A new crop of outdoor seating looks and feels good enough to take inside.Read More »
Garden Design - The Path Less Taken 01
A photo tour of a Los Angeles house and garden transformed by design firm Commune, bringing together the home's outdoor and indoor spaces together in a relaxed and comfortable style.Read More »
Garden Design - The Path Less Taken 01
Tom Kuntz and Jenny Rask hired the Los Angeles–based design firm Commune to transform their home and steep gardens into a series of discreet oases.Read More »
Garden Design - Shop Commune 01
Some of design firm Commune's signature decorative objects for the home and the garden.Read More »
Garden Design - Made In The Shade 01
Four shade-friendly plants that thrive in Los Angeles and that add color and texture to the garden.Read More »
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