July/August 2011

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Garden Design
Lessons learned on river come in handy when entertainingRead More »
Garden Design
David Trubridge, an industrial designer, writes about his unusual Dream Space sculpture. Its use is only limited by your imagination—it can serve as a trellis for vines, an outoor sleeping tent, or as a way to delineate a seating area in the garden.Read More »
Garden Design - AbigailFeldman
By Anne Raver 0
The Growing Home Incentive Program, in New Orleans, gives residents a $10,000 discount off of neighboring lots—provided that they turn it into a garden. Landscape architect Abigail Feldman, the director of the program, talks about some of the amazing changes made in the city through the program.Read More »
Four programs across the country—in Maryland, Texas, New York, and Indiana—give financial incentives to residents who create green gardens at home.Read More »
Garden Design
A series of 19th-century Japanese tree panel paintings, currently on exhibit at London's Natural History Museum, depict each type of tree on a matching wood panel, combining taxonomy and art.Read More »
Garden Design - City Style 02
Francine Gardner, owner of New York's Intérieurs, shows our writer Katie Mendelson how a few inspired finds can turn a city rooftop into an urban oasis. Read More »
movie night
By Claire Lui 0
As we head into these early days of fall and hold on to the last days of summer, there's still time to do some outdoor entertaining. Here are some of our tips for hosting an alfresco movie night, including what types of movies to play and what projectors to use.Read More »
Garden Design - Mike Bouchet Lawn Chair
Cumulus Studios invites contemporary fine artists to create limited-edition outdoor pieces that reflect founder and landscape designer Nathalie Karg's connections with the art world.Read More »
Oregon garden 3
A weekend home in the high desert of central Oregon can only be reached by means of an old lifeboat! PLUS: New, web-only photos!Read More »
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