January/February 2012

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nevis Golden Rock Inn water feature
A gallery of photographs of artists Helen and Brice Marden's inn in Nevis, in the Caribbean, with gardens designed by Raymond Jungles, including close-up of many of the tropical plants on the property.Read More »
Villa Augustus
A six-story, 19th-century water tower is transformed into a funky 37-room hotel surrounded by four acres of amazing gardens in the Netherlands. Read More »
On the Caribbean island of Nevis, the diverse styles of artists Helen and Brice Marden and landscape architect Raymond Jungles yield a singular vision.Read More »
Soft Rocks
These rocks are made of felted hand-dyed wool, a fun way to bring the outdoors in.Read More »
Flower Garden
Swedish gardens, hotels, fabrics, furniture, and more—a photographic portrait of a land inspired by nature. Read More »
In Sweden, a garden-obsessed writer finds a land of natural inspiration.Read More »
Paula Hayes, the terrarium artist, currently has an exhibit of two of her large-scale works at Lever House, in New York, running until February. She will also has a monograph of her work published in April 2012.Read More »
bromeliad Dyckia ‘Brittle Star’
Explore the many-hued, multifarious world of bromeliads with our exclusive photos and read the story of David Shiigi, bromeliad-grower and hydridizer extraordinaire, who serenades his bromeliads with a Hawaiian guitar.Read More »
croatia garden
Our side show of the interiors, exteriors, and plants of a beautiful summer home on a Croatian island owned by interior designer Lucien Rees Roberts and architect Steven Harris, and with a garden deisgned by landscape architect David Kelly.Read More »
Interior designer Lucien Rees Roberts and his partner, architect Steven Harris, bought an island paradise in Croatia. This is the story of how they, along with landscape architect David Kelly, transformed an overgrown property into an amazing summer home with timeless Mediterranean views.Read More »
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