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Fire in a Flash

Portable fire vessels, once an afterthought of exterior design, have reached the height of style. All that's required is fuel and a spark to instantly create light and warmth. Here are some of our top choices:

1. Zero by Ak47 has built-in seating and storage for firewood.
2. Fuoco by Blomus is the fire pit written in perfect miniature. 
3. Stone Forest's Suspended Fire Vessel hangs the flame between halves of a boulder.
4. The Weber Fireplace reinvents the backyard classic as a post-burger gathering place.
5. The elegantly simple Spot by Harrie Leenders elevates the classic wood stove design and adds a cheeky take on the mantle.
6. Space-age cool heats up in the alcohol-burning Terra by Cocoon Fires.  

Garden Design
September 2011