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tout Cal Lane
Are artist Cal Lane's garden tools art or implements? Her "Wheelbarrows and Shovels" series is on display through June 16, 2012, at the Art Mûr gallery in Montreal.Read More »
bringing nature home tout
With spring bringing flowers aplenty, gardeners again have the pleasure of readily available blooms begging to be brought indoors. Two books—The Natural Home and Bringing Nature Home—remind us that living with nature in the house takes many forms.Read More »
Guy Laramee tout
Artist Guy Laramée carves elaborate landscapes into old books—a whole new take on landscape design. Read More »
Rob Plattel
Rob Plattel, one of Holland's most progressive floral designers, doesn't do weddings and doesn't own a flower shop. Here's his take on a new direction of floral design. Read More »
solar-powered planters
A new line of stands and planters offer the perfect amount of illumination at night, by absorbing sunlight all day, eliminating a need for wires or outlets.Read More »
Aqualens acrylic sphere
If you're looking to add a fountain in your garden, there's a wide array of recirculating pumps that eliminate the need for underground pipes—here are a few of our favorites. Read More »