April 2011

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Garden Design - Air Plants
They may not need soil or pots, so how do you display air plants? We suggest three ways to display tillandsias in your home including an unexpected material: Velcro.Read More »
Floral Toolbox
Creating striking arrangements doesn’t take a genius—or a florist Read More »
Garden Design - Tools of the Trade
See also: Floral Toolbox, Long-Lasting Flowers and Greens, Vase Variety and Flower Frogs Read More »
Garden Design - Flowers And Greens No Text
See also: Floral Toolbox, Tools of the Trade, Vase Variety and Flower Frogs 1 Philodendron Waxy and tough, these leaves stay fresh for ages if you change the water regularly.Read More »
Garden Design - Flower Frogs
See also: Floral Toolbox, Tools of the Trade, Long-Lasting Flowers and Greens and Vase Variety Read More »
Frank Cabot
Frank Cabot, the founder of the Garden Conservancy, is devoted to preserving horticultural treasures from the inmates' gardens on Alcatraz to the work of a self-taught topiary artist in South Carolina. Most people know the Garden Conservancy for its annual Open Days, but the Conservancy has does a...Read More »
Garden Design - Moss
In gardens around Japan, moss is used to create spaces of deep tranquility and transcendent beauty.Read More »
The temple gardens of Kyoto, Japan, are famous for their tranquility and their use of moss. Our guide to visiting four of the most spectacular temple gardens.Read More »
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