April 2011

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We poll six farmers about what new vegetables they are most excited about bringing to their customers this year.Read More »
Garden Design - Tale of the Tube No Text
The vital statistics on every gardener’s lifeline Read More »
The radio has become fertile ground for gardeners looking to expand their knowledge. Here’s a list of the shows we're listening to. Read More »
Garden Design - Custom of the Coast
Audrey Sterk paints murals of New England coastal scenes that take months to complete, but with digital printing technology, she can customize the work to match your decor. Her work is available in either wallpaper panels or moveable canvas versions.Read More »
Garden Design - Gallons of Glamour
Say “rain barrel” and most of us think of a retired whiskey cask with algae lurking beneath the lid. Lately, though, the green push to save water and reduce impurities in our gardens has brought rain barrels into the present, complete with updated designs and high-tech add-ons. Hero Design Lab, a...Read More »
yellow chair
Your chairs outside should have the same flair as your style indoors—here are four of our favorites, including an affordable option from Ikea and the high-end Luxembourg Chair (just like the ones in Paris's Luxembourg Gardens!) in a riot of colors.Read More »
Garden Design - Jorge Mayet Sculpture
Recent discoveries show that plant roots do much more than carry food and water upward; our notes from the underground talk about the latest discoveries in root science and discoveries. Or as Michele Owens writes "plant roots are arguably the Huffington Posts of the [plant] realm—aggregating the...Read More »
How to take care of your plant roots.Read More »
Tillandsia fuchsii
The poet Hart Crane once called air plants, or tillandsias, a genus of the bromeliad family, an "inverted octopus with heavenward arms." Needing no soil, these amazing plants come in a variety of fantastic shapes and colors.  Read More »
Tillandsia neglecta
Tillandsias, or air plants, come in a seemingly endless range of shapes and colors—here's our slide show of 10 of our favorites.Read More »
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