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Every gardener's caddy should have a trowel, which gets its name from the Latin trulla, meaning ladle. The tool's concave blade is meant for digging, weeding, dividing, and even cutting through stubborn roots. Some gardeners' favorites (from top to bottom):

1. Buy a few of these inexpensive Fiskars 7978 Fiber Comp Trowel ($6) at Sears (, so you always have a trowel nearby.
2. Made from stainless steel, the Wilcox 14-inch Pro Digging Trowel ($16) at Johnny's Selected Seeds (877/564-6697; won't rust and is good for hard soil.
3. For raised garden beds, try the Sneerboer Transplanting Trowel ($44) from Garden Tool Company (800/830-4019;
4. The Right Angle Trowel ($35) at Johnny's Selected Seeds (877/564-6697; is great for setting plants. 

Garden Design
March 2012