Links We Love, 9/12/12

Links We Love, 9/12/12

September 12, 2012
Photo by: via Gardenista

A birdhouse large enough for a person, all natural soaps and fragrances that transport you to Seattle’s forests, a new Australian children’s park, and more in today’s Links We Love!

-Cécile Daladier makes unique clay planters and vases inspired by specific flowers and plants. Her goal is for her vases to create instant, simple, and easy floral arrangements, like small tabletop gardens. She makes all of these ceramics in her studio in France, and they come in many shapes and sizes! [Gardenista]
-In Japan, the Ando Momofuku Center is a facility that promotes access to activities in nature, which is important in this country, especially with huge cities like Tokyo growing every day. Nendo, created a huge birdhouse that can house up to 78 nests and one person, specifically for this nature center. On one side, it looks like a huge birdhouse, with only one large opening, and on the other, it looks more like a birdhouse apartment complex! [nendo]

-Great for decorating, especially in apartments and homes where square footage is short, wall planters are a beautiful solution for indoor plants. Here are some great examples, ranging in all sorts of styles to fit every home! [LA Times]

-Often times, hills and valleys hinder the construction of many homes and buildings. But when building a park, are unruly landscapes all that bad? JMD Design didn’t seem to think so, and when they constructed a new children’s park in Australia, they more than wholeheartedly utilized the ups and downs of the land to their benefit, creating large, tunneling slides and futuristic swing sets. [apartment therapy]

-Juniper Ridge creates a variety of soaps, incense, and fragrances for the home, all by hand, in a very old fashioned way. All of their scents are derived from the oils of wild plants, and everything is organic! Once you get a whiff, you’ll realize how lacking any other artificial fragrance really is. [cool hunting]