Links We Love, 8/8/12

Links We Love, 8/8/12

August 8, 2012
Photo by: abjglassworks

Robotic harvesting, William Wegman, copper prism terrariums, and more in today’s Links We Love!

-ABJ Glassworks makes beautiful, small glass and copper terrariums that you can hang from anywhere. They create stunning centerpieces when grouped together or are just visually breathtaking when used alone. The different prisms and geometric shapes give the warm copper a refreshingly modern feel.  [Design Sponge]

-Chayote is one of those foods that can be blended into a number of recipes. It has a very subtle taste and a crisp firm texture that makes it adaptable and great as a filler food. It is also fairly easy to grow on your own! Just be wary that it is an invasive vine and you will most likely have to keep it from traveling to the neighbor’s yard, and everywhere else. [LA Times]

-The Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Maine is featuring the work of William Wegman. Widely recognized for his photographs of his Weimaraner dogs, this exhibition focuses on the western mountains of Maine, a place he has gone to for over 30 years. Called “William Wegman: Hello Nature," the exhibition features paintings and photographs that capture Wegman’s fascination with nature and its ever changing façade due to man. [NY Times]

-In an effort to reduce wasted crops, farming’s future has been looking into robots! What makes Richard Dudley’s robot unique is that it can differentiate fruit from leaves by using multiple wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. These robot harvesters will be able to pick the ripest and sweetest fruit every time! [PSFK]

-Terra Trellis are brightly painted sculptures made of steel, that can be used in gardens big and small. They are meant for edibles, climbers, vines, and perennials to grow and intertwine together. [gardenista]