Links We Love, 8/15/12

Links We Love, 8/15/12

August 15, 2012
Photo by: via RAD

The Greenest Block winner, garden friendly chain stores, plant-based air filters, and more in today’s Links We Love!

-A new research project at RAD creates air filters (pictured) that you can attach to your wall or ceiling. What many gardeners and plant savvy people know already is that many household plants naturally remove toxins. RAD takes this idea and creates micro greenhouses, with glazed glass for light exposure and a water misting infrastructure, that are actually quite visually appealing! [RAD.daniels]

 -Brooklyn Botanical Garden has named Lincoln Road between Bedford and Rogers Avenues the Greenest Block. This is the second time this street has won the annual Greenest Block Contest. Lincoln Road was beautifully drenched in color as plants of all shapes and hues were showcased in equally beautiful planters and garden beds. But what really set this block apart was the combined effort of all the neighbors and friends that helped to make this block so green.  [Gardenista]

-While many have noticed the warmer winters and have been struck with worry and grief, Christy Macy was given a big surprise for the better. Because her dahlia roots did not freeze over the season, in the spring, they burst through the ground and are still blooming! Learning from her mother, Ms. Macy has a garden of blooms to die for, and she gives readers a couple tips and tricks for growing dahlias inside or out! [NY Times]

-Opening on August 18th, Chinese Gardens is an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that explores works spanning over a thousand years. Included will be paintings, ceramics, laquerware, metal work, carved bamboo, textiles, and even photographs. All of these artworks portray and examine the interactions between pictorial and garden arts in China.  [Met Museum]

- Popular British fashion chain Next is in hopes of opening garden centers that carry a small array of plants and flowers as well as DIY kits and gardening tools. The idea came when a concept store of the same kind opened up with great success. [Psfk]