Links We Love, 8/1/12

Links We Love, 8/1/12

August 1, 2012
Photo by: via Design Sponge

Human hair in art, hidden urban gardens in Europe, the surprising benefits of plants in homes and more in today’s Links We Love!

-Roses are among the most recognized and sought after of flowers. However, due to hybridization, the genetics of roses have changed, focusing on the beauty of the flower, and not its toughness. Peter E. Kukielski at the New York Botanical Garden is and has been successfully trying to change that. He has introduced tougher, stronger roses that can go without fungicides and pesticides! [NY Times]

-What is more appealing than lounging outside in the privacy of one’s own backyard? Lazing about in the backyard on a hammock. Learn how to make your own using a beach towel (pictured). You can even customize it any which way you please! [Design Sponge]

-Artist Jenine Shereos uses human hair to create art. Most recently, she weaved skeletal Maple leaves out of brown hair to create a four-piece sculpture entitled “Leaves." This extremely delicate, lace-like sculpture can be viewed at the Long Beach Museum of Art. [LA Times]

-Plants are an easy way to beautify a home. Now thanks to an easy-to-read and cutely designed infographic by Artificial Plants and Trees, we know that plants do so much more for the indoors: they increase creativity, lower blood pressure, and purify the air. [Designtaxi]

-Architects and designers Bart Haverkamp and Pieter Croes are an Antwerp-based duo that have built hidden rooftop gardens across Europe. While their styles may range depending on the project—some are extremely modern and some are somewhat Victorian—it is uniquely their own. [Gardenista]