Links We Love, 7/4/12

Links We Love, 7/4/12

July 4, 2012
Photo by: Massimo Bartolini via Architizer

-Enjoy a free read outdoors in St. Peter’s Abbey in Belgium. Artist Massimo Bartolini planted rows of green bookshelves to mimic the abbey’s grapevines. [Architizer]

-Stop by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden now until September 23rd to view Urban Garden, a summer exhibit that focuses on container and vertical gardening for the city dweller. [bbg]

-With summer officially here, many vegetables will be begging to be cooked whether they are from the farmer’s market or your own garden. Here are 20 recipes to please palettes from all over the world! [the kitchn]

-An alternative to cilantro, papalo is an easy growing summer plant that is actually a part of the daisy family. Use it as a final touch on salsas, fish, and fresh fruit. [Los Angeles Times]

-If you are in New York City now until November 4th, experience the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Roof Garden. On display is artist Tomás Saraceno’s Cloud City, an installation that incorporates art, science, and architecture in a breathtaking way. [Met Museum]