Links We Love, 7/25/12

Links We Love, 7/25/12

July 25, 2012
Photo by: Finca Bellavista

Tree house communities in Costa Rica, Cooking with Mario Batali’s chefs, Bananas in Paris, and more in today’s Links We Love!

-Natural Companions is a new book by Ken Druse and Ellen Hoverkamp that is a guide to plant combinations. It is engagingly narrative and includes stunningly beautiful images of different plants arranged by scents, blooms, and other possible categories for one’s garden! [Los Angeles Times]

-If you are interested in building your own home for much cheaper than what the average contractor might estimate, and you are very fond of an earthy aesthetic, cordwood masonry may be for you! There is even a workshop during Labor Day weekend, taught by The Roys who are leaders in cordwood masonry, so that anyone can become familiar with this unusual building method. [New York Times]

-Urbanana is a vertical banana plantation dreamt up by the French architecture firm, SOA. It allows a visually stunning way to incorporate greenhouse agriculture into the tightly populated environment of Paris. []

-Bring the entire family to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on July 26th, August 2nd, or August 12th for a once in a lifetime learning experience with some of Mario Batali’s renowned chefs! The entire family can cook and eat a three course family style dinner that I’m sure no one will ever forget.  [BBG]

-Want to be a part of a tree house community? At Finca Bellavista, you can! Located in Costa Rica, this “neighborhood” among trees is the world’s first modern and sustainable tree house community. It comes complete with bathhouses, dining halls, and a wedding garden while remaining conscious and cautious of the surrounding rainforest. [Apartment Therapy]