Links We Love, 6/13/12

Links We Love, 6/13/12

June 13, 2012

-Katherine Anderson, of Mint and Marigold, one of our contributors, has a show up of 500 hanging temptress poppies at the Lori Warner Studio in Chester, Connecticut, through the end of June. (above)

-Garden Rant gets a site redesign.

-This article is both sad and a little kooky. The sad part: Two impoverished thieves were caught stealing vegetables from an allotment garden (a type of community garden in Britain) to feed their families. The kooky part: The police lineup was not of the thieves, but of the vegetables—the rhubarbs, leeks, and cabbages were photographed and lined up for the gardeners to identify. [The Telegraph]

-Income inequality can be related to how many trees there are in a neighborhood. [Per Square Mile]

-Anna Laurent, our fearless blogger, has one of her seed pod photographs on sale through Gulf Photo Plus.

-Margaret Roach on A Way to Garden is giving away the new Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America and features a Q&A with author Seabrooke Leckie. [A Way to Garden]

-Philadelphia resident transforms her lawn into a farm. []

-America's Other Audubon is a book about the Jones family of Ohio, who created the Illustrations of the Nests and Eggs of Birds of Ohio, a book inspired to be a companion volume to Audubon's Birds of America by illustrating the nests and the eggs that were left out. [Design*Sponge]

-Tama Matsuoka Wong is a woman who loves weeds and has turned her garden over to these unloved plants. A story about her new cookbook and her passion for weeds.  [The New York Times]