Links We Love, 4/18/12

Links We Love, 4/18/12

May 18, 2012

mirrored vase
Vases by The Cottage Industry.

-A mirrored vase that shows off the details of one cut flower. [Dezeen]

-Due to the recession, fancy melons in Japan sold for a record low price—a mere $12,000 for two, versus in 2008, when a pair of melons sold for more than $30,000. (In the buyer's defense, the original article speculates that Yubari, Hokkaido, the town where the melons are grown, went bankrupt in 2007, and sympathy for the town may have been a reason for the melons' high price.) [Straits Times, via Kotaku]

container celery
Photo by

-Re-growing celery—instructions for growing indoors and outdoors. [Found on Pinterest]

-How to choose plants wisely at the nursery. [Apartment Therapy]

-Plastic-eating fungi. [Mashable]

-Why you should decorate your home with flowers. [Jezebel]