Links We Love, 4/9/12

Links We Love, 4/9/12

April 9, 2012

-4,000 year-old olive branch from King Tut's tomb! [Wilder Quarterly]

-A London park that is a "Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice. Each commemorates the demise of a would-be rescuer who died in the act of saving someone else’s life," including dramatic stories of death by horse trampling, ballerina tutus set on fire, and more. [Past Imperfect, Smithsonian]

-Above: Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this year, and among the many tributes sent to her, include these um, Chia Pet-like plant pots. Each planter is 11 feet tall and planted with "orchids, roses, ivy, daisies, fuchsias, gerberas, geraniums, perennials, ferns, conifers, and moss." [Daily Mail]

-Tips for picking houseplants as gifts. [Chicago Tribune

-Grow-it-yourself dyes. [New York Times]  

-How to create a chicken-friendly yard. [Planter Tomato]