Links We Love 12/10/2012


Links We Love 12/10/2012

December 10, 2012
Photo by: VisionDivision

Tree House: Architecture firm Visiondivision built a kiosk from a single 100-foot yellow poplar tree in the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park. All the materials for the structure, from roof shingles, seating, swing set, support pillars, and studs, came from a single tree. [visiondivision]

Green  Restaurant A new Applebees opening in Harlem today will be New York City’s first LEED-Gold-certified restaurant. The building's roof will have a greenhouse and will harvest rainwater. The interior a vertical garden, waterless urinals, and bamboo bar counters and tables. [Crain’s New York]

Small Park: A new parallelogram-shaped parklet in San Francisco by Matarozzi Pelsigner Design + Build includes a succulent garden, recycled wood park benches, and donated trees from neighboring communities. [architizer]