Links We Love 11/20/2012

Links We Love 11/20/2012

November 20, 2012
Photo by: AVR London

Initially conceived as a home that could handle extreme cold, the D*Dynamic proposed by the architectural firm D*Haus Company is a shape-shifting house that takes cues from origami. The residence consists of four prism-esque rooms that can fold into eight different arrangements, and the entire house, which is set on rails, can rotate to follow the direction of the sun. [dezeen]

Photographer Carsten Witte has been creating a series portraits relating to the different seasons, and in his collection of photographs for autumn, called “Evanescence,” he makes the decaying process of plants mysterious, beautiful, and even seductive. The season’s aesthetic mood is revealed through close-ups, lush colored leaves against black backgrounds, and flowers in their muted, fading brilliance. [Behance]

Few people know the trees of the 50-acre native forest in the New York Botanical Garden the way photographer Larry Lederman does—he has photographed them for years, and the gorgeous anthology Magnificent Trees of the New York Botanical Garden was released in October. After Hurricane Sandy hit, Lederman went back to inspect the damage, which was extensive. Massive trees were knocked down and completely uprooted, trees that would take more than two generations to grow back—a mournful testament to the storm’s power. [New York Times]

As part of Helsinki’s celebration as the 2012 World Design Capital, the Madrid-based firm Lighting Design Collective transformed an old silo along the seaside into a permanent light-installation. White LEDs fitted on the inside of the structure—and visible to the outside through over 2,000 perforated holes—create visual patterns in response to natural conditions, such as wind direction and temperature. The patterns simultaneously cast a kinetic glow on the structure’s interior, which is painted entirely red. During the day, the perforations allow sunlight into the silo, while small mirrors reflect light into the distance. The piece was inspired by light shimmering on water—and is a fitting homage. [LCDOL]

Marktplaats is the Dutch version of eBay, where anything and everything eco-friendly, recycled, and used is bought and sold, including wood and building materials. Noorderparkbar is a new coffee shop in Amsterdam that was built entirely from materials sourced from Marktplaats. The main elements of the shop came from three temporary hospital units, and the building materials encompassed an additional 42 windows, wood, paint, and even plumbing, all of which was bought online. [overtreders]