Links We Love 11/13/2012

Links We Love 11/13/2012

November 13, 2012
Photo by: Wilf

A balloon bridge, DIY gold planters, tropical fruits in the Golden State, beeswax and graphite drawings, and more in today’s Links We Love.

wooden bridge held up by three helium balloons provides an adventurous crossing at Tatton Park’s Japanese Garden in Cheshire, UK. Created by French artist Olivier Grossetête, known for balloon sculptures including a bridge that floated in midair, this walkway may not be practical (it begins and ends inside a lake), but it is charmingly whimsical. [Architizer]

In a community garden in Los Angeles, Nancy Howell has managed to grow fruits of a tropical variety, an unlikely find even in California. Two years after planting the cut-off crown of a pineapple from Costco, she is now harvesting her own pineapples, bringing a touch of the tropics to the Golden State. [Los Angeles Times]

Circuit boards are necessary for many electronics, yet they present a sustainability conundrum, since only two percent of the typical board’s components can be reused. To work around this, the UK’s National Physical Laboratory created a circuit board that can be dissolved in hot water, enabling 90 percent of its parts to be recycled and presaging less landfill waste. [psfk]

Rustic terracotta planters adorned with gold leaf add a flourish to indoor and outdoor settings—and make a great gift. The spruced-up pots are an easy DIY for both old and new pots; once the touchup is complete, choose the plant—blue succulent, wispy air plant, hibiscus—to complement the look. [design*sponge]

Afton Love is a California-based artist whose large-scale, subtly surreal drawings depict natural landscapes and curiosities where she grew up. Love seals her drawings with beeswax that she makes herself, which prevents the graphite from erasing and blurs some of the details, adding a unique quality to the images. [coolhunting]