Links We Love, 10/24/12

Links We Love, 10/24/12

October 24, 2012

An energy-conscious “flower”, Caribbean produce in Brooklyn, mini gardening tools, and more in today’s Links We Love!

-To most people, New York City is an “urban desert." However, today in Brooklyn, there are over 60 community gardens and many of the most prolific gardeners are of West Indian heritage, growing the most exotic produce for a Saturday’s Farmers’ Market that is out of this world. You can find Caribbean plants such as Scotch bonnet peppers, bitter melon, and yardlong beans, and that isn’t even the half of it! [NY Times]

-Not everyone has the luxury of vast yard space and big gardens outside. Some have to make do with planting indoors, especially those who live in a city! So why not invest in some beautiful gardening tools (pictured) made for the indoors that are not only adorable, but are also perfect for terrariums and other houseplants! [Gardenista]

-Marimekko just released their new line of fall/winter fabrics. They come in rich, warm hues, perfect for adding touches of color to any space you decide to lend these fabrics to. They come in an array of patterns, many having been inspired by the mountains and hills of Finland; the motifs are perfect for garden gift ideas! [Design Sponge]

-It’s hard to miss Manolo Valdes’ sculptures now displayed in the New York Botanical Garden. They are dramatic and massive metal heads that look like they are wearing beautiful headpieces made of fauna. Each sculpture takes cues from the surrounding nature, mimicking the already existing plants and trees. [NYBG]

-The Flower Power is a wire and metal “bloom” that lights up to make home owners more conscientious of their energy usage. It wirelessly connects to the home’s energy line and meters consumption while changing its form to reflect just how much energy is being used; it droops and dims when there is too much usage and blooms brightly when there is low usage! [Inhabitat]