Links We Love

Links We Love

February 9, 2011
Photo by: illustration by Jenny Lee Fowler

Beautiful seed packets from the Hudson Valley have lovely packages designed by New York artists. (This seed packet's illustration is by Jenny Lee Fowler, an artist who cuts silhouettes out of leaves—check out her site.) (via A Way to Garden)

—Alessi's confetti-esque planter has a line of asymmetrical rectangles on one edge to help prop up plants—ideal for orchids. (via Cool Hunting)

—Annie Proulx, the famous novelist ("Brokeback Mountain"), used to be a garden writer, with titles like The Fine Art of Salad Gardening  and Great Grapes: Grow the Best Ever.   (via Garden Rant)

A Louisiana island packed with flowering camellias. (via The New York Times, registration required)