Garden Edibles: Success Secrets

April 15, 2014
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Early spring is a great time to get a jump-start on the edibles in your garden. Whether you live on a sprawling estate or in a high-rise condo, there is opportunity to grow veggies and herbs you can use in a fresh garden salad or your favorite cocktail. In early spring many cool-climate gardeners find themselves at an in-between stage, but there are some garden tasks you can complete that will ensure you are ready for planting with the time arrives.

Witch Hazel: A Tonic for Body and Soul

February 05, 2014
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Photo by Janet Loughrey

The months between Christmas and spring stretch interminably for ardent gardeners, who grow restless for any sign of life in the landscape. While most plants lie in dormant slumber, the long, slender branches of witch hazel burst into bloom with ribbon-like petals of yellow, orange or red. The delicately fragrant flowers give renewed hope that spring is not far away.

Jack Frost: Master Gardener

January 22, 2014
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An early frost coats each blade of grass and every twig in this silvery landscape. Photo by Jerry Harpur.

Plant Pointers: How Not to Error with Your Air Plant

January 20, 2014
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Photo: Potted

Giving Thanks for Winter Squash

November 27, 2013
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"Of the nearly 500 colonists living at Jamestown in the fall of 1609, only 60 remained by the spring of 1610. This period is remembered as "the starving time". The following year remaining colonists redoubled their efforts to grow enough food. They had only the seeds of English plants that were not well adapted to the heat of the Virginia summer.

Botanic Notables: Quintessentially Mediterranean Quercus

November 13, 2013
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This oak bears truly unique bark for interest at eye level that's even better at night when uplighting creates shadows that bring out all the furrows and textures.

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