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Joel Robare

Apr 01, 2011
Interior Designers

Principal Designer & Owner - JR Studio Design

Areas of  Specialty
- Residential Interior Design & Remodeling
- Hospitality Interior Design
- Outdoor Living Spaces
- Consultations

Designer Q&A with Joel

What is your design philosophy?
Inspired by the beauty in all worlds, JR Studio Design fuses periods, forms, texturesm and colors to create enticing environments that yearn to be experienced. Our vibrant aesthetic is a statement of style that we call “Expressive Elegance.”

What led you to this career?
Art and creativity have always been a driving force of my life. I grew up spending much of my time in art classes and started my first portfolio at the age of seven. I’d always wanted to find a way to turn my passion into a career, so I began by studying business management to create a solid skill base before turning to interior design as a means of creative expression, a balance that suits me well. I often joke that I’ve completed enough formal studies to become a doctor!

What has been your favorite project and why?

My favorite type of project involves that special client willing to go the distance by using their interior as a means of self-expression, a project as inspiring for me to create as it is thrilling for the client to live in once complete. One such interior is a loft we recently designed in San Francisco. Our client wished for a space worthy relaxation but amenable to serious entertaining. To achieve this feel, we injected color, contrasts, and custom lighting into the raw space, elements which ultimately embodied his style and tastes, giving life to his vision of the perfect home. 

Tell us about your most challenging project.
The most challenging projects lack a clearly defined goal and/or are started with too much haste. Successful design requires a strong foundation from the beginning; without a concise plan, anything can (and will) go wrong along the way. 

What is your design process?
We employ a formal design process to lend structure to what is a rather conceptual activity. By following this coordinated approach, we keep our heads in the clouds but our feet stay planted on the ground.
We start with the creation of a concept that becomes the benchmark for the project. This can be a feeling, perhaps a color or even a memory but, regardless, will find root in the close personal relationship we develop with the client. Once consensus is achieved between clients, designers, and other trades on the project, we coordinate a series of tasks that when adhered to, always yield fantastic results. The ultimate goal of this process is always the same: Expressive Elegance.

Contact Information
JR Studio Design
154 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013